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Leadership Development/Coaching

Parsley Consultants takes a hands-on, participative approach to leader development, both with leadership teams and individual leaders.

Leadership Teams

  • Deep Dive Organizational Assessment Events
  • Servant Leadership Modules
  • Hoshin Kanri/Policy Deployment Events
  • EMDS (Enterprise Management Development System) and FMDS (Floor Management Development System) Creation
  • Leader Standardized Work/Management Routines
  • Organizational Culture Assessment

Individual Leaders

  • Personal, one on one feedback, coaching and planning for leaders at all levels
  • ‘Leader Impact’ Assessment
  • Servant Leadership Coaching
  • Leader Standardized Work/Management Routines
  • Strategic Planning

Organizational Transformation

Parsley Consultants strives to partner with organizations who are passionate about taking a long term for their organization. For those organizations, Parsley Consultants works with senior leaders of the organization to deeply understand the organization’s current state, ideal state, and long-term future state related to the ‘4P’ factors illustrated below.


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Strategic Planning

Parsley Consultants works with the leadership team to develop long, mid, and short terms plans to help the organization understand the ‘True North’ vision.

Performance Assessment

Parsley Consultants works with senior leadership to help them understand the organizations current state related to lean management principles. Using and 8-step approach, Parsley engages the team on a journey of discovery to identify gaps and develop improvement plans.


Training Modules

  • Toyota Production
  • System History
  • Standardization
  • Lean Principles
  • 5-S
  • Problem Solving
  • Process Mapping
  • Waste Elimination
  • PDCA Thinking
  • A3 Development
  • ‘Training within Industry’ (Job Instruction Training)
  • Flow
  • Servant Leadership
  • Leader Standardized Work
  • Visualization
  • Respect for People
  • Just in Time
  • Others

Value Stream Mapping Events

Parsley Consultants will teach leaders, individuals and teams this method to visualize the flow of processes in their organization, with intent to:

1.Deeply Understand Current State of processes

2.Visualize Ideal and Future State

3.Understand gaps

4.Problem Solve to close gaps

value stream team photo

8 step

8-Step Problem Solving

Parsley Consultants guides leaders and teams through problem solving events designed to focus on actual problems in the organization. While the event will lead to solving those real problems, the bigger focus is for team members to walk away with skills to utilize the Toyota Way problem solving approach on their own in the future.

Technology Solutions

Parsley Consultants relies on a large network of technology experts to help clients solve a wide range of issues, to include:

  • Operations support software
  • ERP Systems
  • Communication system solutions
  • Process Automation
  • PLC implementation
  • Servo solutions
  • Andon systems
  • VFD solutions
  • Automated conveyor systems

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visual board

Continuous Improvement Event Facilitation

Parsley Consultants coach individual leaders and leadership teams through development of and execution of continuous improvement events, such as:

  • Organization Assessments
  • Standardization
  • 5-S
  • Safety
  • Demand Assessment
  • Problem Solving
  • Process Mapping
  • Visual Management
  • Goal Alignment

Japan Executive Development Mission

Partnering with Honsha & Associates, the Japan Executive Development Mission brings leaders from around the world to experience the birthplace of Lean on a 1 week learning experience. 

Guided by Toyota veterans and other Lean thought leaders, mission objectives include:

  • Studying the background and structure of Toyota Production System
  • learning how companies, large and small, manufacturing and non-manufacturing, lead and manage world class organizations using Lean techniques and thinking.
  • Developing a global network of fellow participants, relationships that can last a lifetime.
  • Learning at a Dojo, immersed in lean simulations and open discussions with former Toyota trainers.
  • Engaging with former Toyota executives in formal and casual discussions.

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