Alan Parsley

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Alan Parsley

President/ Sr. Consultant

highresolution 4539Alan has gained the unique combination of operational and administrative experience over his vast career. Alan learned Leadership and Toyota Production System (TPS) methodologies while at Toyota Motor Manufacturing.

During those years, Alan was involved in the startup of the company’s first North American auto manufacturing operation in Georgetown, Ky. which employed over 8,000 Team Members and produced over 200,000 vehicles per year.

Alan moved from manufacturing management at the plant to Human Resources and ultimately was assigned to lead HR initiatives for all North American facilities from the company’s manufacturing headquarters in Erlanger, Ky.

During his time at Toyota, Alan benefitted from Toyota’s ‘multi-skilled’ approach to team member development and took on a wide range of roles including leadership roles in Manufacturing, Safety, Kaizen Team, Staffing, Recruiting, Employee Relations, Team Member Development, and Investigations.

Alan continued his career at Saft America in Jacksonville Florida where he again served both human resource and operations functions for a greenfield startup of a $220 million Lithium Ion battery manufacturing facility. Alan progressed to the role of Director of Operations for the company where he implemented state of the art human resource and continuous improvement programs.

Currently, Alan serves as President of Parsley Consultants, a business culture transformation consulting firm. In this role, Alan has led transformation programs for a wide range of industries, and businesses including the Port of Seattle, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), financial and telecommunications organizations as well as several manufacturing and service organizations.